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Replace Your Missing Teeth With Implants

When your smile has a few gaps, dental implants offer a comfortable, long-lasting tooth replacement option. Your dentists in Hamilton Square, NJ, Drs. Polina Vaynblat and Dr. David Leo of Kuser Family Dental, can help restore your missing teeth with implants.

5 reasons to choose dental implants

Dental implants offer many advantages, including these key benefits:

  • Enhanced Appearance: It's hard to feel confident when you have a gap in your smile. Restoring your lost teeth with dental implants improves your appearance, which helps restore your self-confidence. Implants also prevent your other teeth from drifting and ruining the alignment of your smile. During your visit to the Hamilton Square dental office, your dentist makes an impression of your mouth to ensure that your new teeth look perfectly natural.

  • Replacement of Your Missing Roots: Strong roots give your teeth the strength and power to bite and chew a variety of foods. Dental implants are the only restoration methods that replace the bottoms (roots) and tops (crowns) of teeth. Small titanium posts implanted in your jawbone bond to the bone, becoming new teeth roots. Implants are connected to dental crowns to create artificial teeth that function just as well as natural teeth.

  • No Loss of Biting Power: Thanks to your strong roots, you won't experience any change in biting power, even though your new teeth are synthetic. You'll be able to bite, tear and chew soft, hard and sticky foods with ease.

  • Lower Lifetime Cost: It's important to think about the lifetime costs of the various tooth restoration methods. In many cases, dental implants are the least expensive option when you consider long-term costs. Implants generally never need to be replaced, while bridges and dentures require periodic replacement.

  • A Good Option for Any Degree of Tooth Loss: No matter how many teeth you've lost, implants can offer an effective restoration option. An implant can replace a single tooth, while an implant-supported bridge or denture can restore multiple teeth. Implant-supported dentures don't require a one-to-one tooth/implant ratio. In fact, as few as four dental implants can support an upper or lower denture.

Don't let tooth loss change your smile. Dental implants will help you restore your smile. Call your Hamilton Square, NJ, dentists, Drs. Polina Vaynblat and Dr. David Leo of Kuser Family Dental, at (609) 585-8480 to schedule your appointment.

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